How the blogging industry made me friends for life.

There is no other way of saying this other than Instagram – the social platform that can connect you with anyone and whoever!

I’ve always been one that enjoys making new friends, you never know your real life twin might be out there waiting for you?!

Your soul sister.

Making friends is just something I love to do, there’s so many people in the world that are unknown by you and why not communicate?

That’s why I have Instagram to thank but especially the blogging industry – ever since I started blogging I would have conversations with the loveliest girls, about clothes and blogging etc!

It’s super easy of course to start a conversation with anyone, as you can do on any social media platform – thankfully we have requests to stop the weird unnecessary messages that go straight to delete. (By that I mean the weird men that send you how are you blah blah) sorry not today my friend.

Of course with anything there is the bitchy side but fortunately I haven’t experienced that yet – besides the people that do the follow unfollow technique, which pretty much hurts my feelings so I’ll take it as they don’t want to be friends haha and they just want my follow.

I see you.

The other thing I have discovered making new friends via is blogging groups – a group where all bloggers give each other support, opinions and meet up for shoots etc.

If that doesn’t say girl power, I don’t know what does.

It’s just the warmth from the girls that actually want to make friends and better you as a person which I love to see. Not just the ones that want the follow, the number to add to their following.

Believe me I have met a few of those and me being me – I am super sensitive so of course I take it to heart when I’ve noticed that fab girl with the fab outfits unfollowed me – oh.

It does make you question your page sometimes without a doubt, but remember they just wanted the follow not to join your growth journey!

It’s empowering supporting one another and I have met some of the loveliest people in my experience of it so far – it’s just fabulous!


shout it loud and clear ^^^

We hang out, shoot together, attend events, help one another, have brunch dates, general girl chat and of course send each other pictures for advise, that’s what friends are for right?

Friends are also the best critiques and will be deadly honest – but you probably will do it anyway haha.

Sometimes I wish I had more hours in the day to go out and actually meet up with the ones I believe would be amazing friends, it just doesn’t happen when you work 9-5 and can only travel to places on the weekend!

I really enjoyed writing an uplifting blog post for once and I have many more planned to come!

This idea actually came to me at 3am and I had to get up, pick up my phone and write it in my notes before I went back to sleep and forgot – but it must of been on my mind because I woke up at 6 to complete it.

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches


* glasses gifted – discount code Dokjocelyn *

7 cool cafes on the map…

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post all about this and it’s been sitting in notebook to produce this!

All dedicated to cool cafes on the map.

Giving it away by the title but if you are a foodie as much as me, sit down and grab a hot chocolate you’ve got some reading to do!

So when I have a free weekend, I usually will search cool cafes etc in my area (Essex) if not in London. I like finding unique places to eat brunch in and try something new….anyone else agree?! Slightly the reason is because they will be a picture heaven.

I just like to explore and find new places, especially the independent cafes that not every human, cat and dog have been to!

I’ve listed below all my top cool cafes I recommend and address if you fancy a venture.

1. Elan cafe – a bloggers favourite.

If you haven’t seen this cafe plastered all over Instagram, maybe refresh your page lol. It is definitely a location people will go for pictures and get that cute candid shot! The good thing is there is now 4 scattered across London and they all have slightly different interior.

Address: 239 Brompton Road, Chelsea London, SW3 2EP (Chelsea branch, which is the current newest).

2. Maison Bleu – Essex

I come across this independent cafe on the news page surprisingly and I instantly fell in love. I immediately text my friend asking if she had plans for the weekend?! With the most welcoming owner and afternoon tea to beauty and the beast I was sold. We just popped in for a waffle but it for sure looked amazing. Also including a gift shop out the back with the most beautiful home pieces.

Address: Meon Cl, Chelmsford, CM1 7QQ

3. Peggy Porschen – another bloggers dream

All I can start off by saying is visit Peggy Porschen early. There will be lines of people from probably 10am onwards and it doesn’t cater for probably more than 15 people. I’m going to be brutally honest on this cafe, I was so up for getting a photo with the beautiful pink floral walls and look all candid. However in my opinion it really is just an Instagram spot and not for sitting down sipping on your hot chocco. Maybe I went on a bad day but wasting £7 on a drink that I couldn’t even stomach was not selling it to me.

Address: 116 Ebury Street, Belgravia London, SW1W 9QQ

4. The Glasshouse Tea Room – Essex

I found this tea room by word of mouth and my obsession continued I had to visit it of course. With the vintage feel, afternoon tea service and the most amazing panini I felt right at home. Another independent cafe but they for sure put the love into what they serve.

Address: 118 high street, Braintree, CM7 1LA

5. Cereal Killer Cafe – all kinds of cereal

This was on my bucket list for years and after visiting it last year I dream of going back. It serves any kind of cereal topped with whatever milk e.g strawberry, bubblegum whatever you want! They also cater all the American cereals you cannot get in supermarkets! Not to mention awesome interior, see the second photo below and you sit on literal beds.

Address: 129a Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA

6. Spectrums collections cafe – pink hue dreams

So this cafe opened up newly last year, it was an extension of the brush brand spectrum collections. Pretty amazing, I actually visited here by myself and the lady who worked in the cafe became my photographer. I can not fault this place in the slightest, it’s not as well known I believe so it hasn’t become so hectic you cannot sit down as it probably only seats 15-20 people.

Address: 43 Carnaby st, Soho London, W1F 7EA

7. Farm girl – food heaven

Firstly I will say this is another cafe to either get there early or book a table. We ended up waiting 45 minutes which was worth it but it wouldn’t of been if it was raining. Farm girl is another one of those Instagram places that everyone ventures to and of course I wanted to go check it out! We stopped for a late brunch and it was definitely worth the wait! There is three branches in total so research which one you would like to go to first!

Address: 59A Portobello Road, London, W11 3Db

I hope you have enjoyed my top 7 cool cafes and the slightly different blog post to give you some inspo because I am always looking for cool places. I will for sure do an updated one, when I find some more places I think are worthy to be added to the list…

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches


*watch was gifted from Adexe London*

A down day…

I feel like recently my blog posts are turning into everything relating to mental health but it’s an important subject and something to close to me at the moment!

I wanted to write this today, whilst sitting here having a “down day”. Probably the most awful I have felt in a couple months! I’ve been feeling quite over whelmed lately and followed by mini minor breakdowns and panicky stages I couldn’t managed to get myself out of bed this morning.

I feel so useless when I just cannot bring myself of out bed or feel that I cannot achieve anything in that day. Another day off work but I know it’s near breaking point so I need that day to re charged myself???

It’s a viscous circle really…of not wanting to over do it but not wanting to get yourself stuck into a rut again?!

I just cannot help some days feeling so overly emotional and mentally exhausted, that I psychically cannot do anything. I’m sitting in bed each night going over and over pointless shit that’s not even relevant leaving me with not enough sleep that my body is craving!

It’s hard especially when you want to please everyone, but at the end of the day you have to remember you are the number one priority!! YOU! There’s only one of you and you have to look after yourself by all means…

I know everyone is different but in my case I just get myself into a pickle when it gets to much that I just loose it and breakdown! – sad but it works I’ll run myself a bath when I know that’s on its way to just soak into the burning water and forget about the world for 30 minutes or so!

Life puts strain on you and when it does you need to nurture it and look after yourself.

I even started attempting some yoga and stretching just to release all that bad energy before I go to sleep, but it’s early days to say if it’s working!

I’ve had CBT: cognitive behavioural therapy

Same again… personally I didn’t see any improvement from it but some of the techniques I learnt from my sessions helps on days like this!

It’s be little things like just breathing exercises or creating a mind map of what’s going on in that brain – there are things out there to help situations like this but some days it does get the better of you.

Being honest even just talking to somebody else can make a world of difference, it takes you from that dark place and puts your mind elsewhere.

My boyfriend has been the biggest support I have needed ever since starting my medication and his educating himself on how to handle/cope – who you have around you can be a big impact! As much as I hate talking to people when I’m like this, I am thankful for it afterwards!

I used to blame it on so many other things like I feel sick or I have a migraine instead of just coming out and saying “I’m mentally exhausted”.

Another issue that I’ve come quite familiar with:

Brain fog:

I’ve spoken about this before and it’s something that happens more than i anticipated.


Just always remember you know your mind and body better than anyone.

Listen to it when it is screaming at you to change how you’re doing something or just give yourself a break!

I hope this has helped some people!

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches


5 months in, is the medication working?!

Hey angels it’s me again talking some personal real life topics.

If you’ve read my previous blog posts discussing medication, then you’ll know I’m currently taking a medication called “Sertaline” – if you’re new here & this is your first time reading one of my posts I promise they’re not all this factual.

I can be funny at the best of times!

Sertraline is a type of antidepressant known as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI).

It’s often used to treat depression, and also sometimes panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Simple as the above really!

If you do want to know more about this…then feel free to read this post which will help expand your knowledge if you’re unfamiliar like I was a while back!

Anyway besides the joking and all that lovely stuff, I wanted to do an almost half a year update on how I’ve been getting on with my medication! Wow how quick has that come around.

I’m going to bullet point as it will be easier to address which situations I have now overcome:

The pros of Sertraline:

• I can now go in a shop alone without a melt down (yay).

• I’m feeling confident to travel to London etc alone & do my thing! (Bigger yay).

• I have cut my panic attacks down to almost 1/2 a month! (Compared to what feels like I use to have 100 a month).

• I can now pursue in what I enjoy without rejecting it because I’d rather not have a meltdown (e.g blogging, meeting friends or seeing family).

• I have my confidence back for the first time in as long as I can remember – I won’t get too cocky I have only some confidence back.

• I can happily wake up in the morning without feeling sheer severe panic in my chest.

• I actually want to get up most mornings now and not hide away hoping to get sucked into a hole.

• I feel like a conquer anything now and not worry as much.

I don’t feel half as guilty now for having a lazy day.

I’m not as sensitive as I use to be – back in school if someone laughed at my hairstyle or whatever I would generally go home and think it was the worse thing in the world questioning why why why?!

There are so many other little pros I have noticed in the past 5 months, that have just made me think wow I can actually live what feels like a “panic free” life!

Don’t get me wrong I still panic as much as the next person, possibly more which isn’t healthy…but the severity of the panic I use to suffer with before was horrific to the point where I would just breakdown wherever I was.

If you would like a laugh read this blog post – that’s right I got carried out of v festival crowd because I had a panic attack – I repeat crowd surfed!!! ***dying over here of the embarrassment***

However there are the cons to everything right?

The cons of Sertraline:

• I feel emotionless most the time lol – it now takes me a lot to cry (I use to cry over everything nearly every day).

• The size effects made it feel not worth continuing with because I legit thought I was going to die at first (they’re different for everyone).

• I gained some water weight (horrible side effect) but it’s not actually the end of the world because I feel more healthy and it’s the smallest amount I’ve noticed. Considering I’m a size 4/6 and have been most my teenage life, I’ve always been in a battle of feeling “too skinny”!

• I am now addicted – god I feel weird saying that lol…but yup if I decided not to take that teeny tablet for the next three nights I would get withdrawal symptoms, become sick I’m assuming – so when the time is right I will have to ween off them!

• They make you have dreadful nightmares – I cannot remember the last night I’ve not woken up like WTF was that dream about.

• I feel depressed quite a lot still – this obviously is meant to help this but don’t get me wrong I will go through days or weeks just feeling utter lifeless.

I suppose by reading this back the cons are outweighing the pros, but I promise you from my experience so far they have changed my life for the better?! Weird I know!

I want these type of personal blogs posts to help another individual going through the same thing or even if you know someone and want to educated a-bit more on the topic?!

It’s me sharing my journey with you – I want to be able to help! Because I would have dreamt of something like this when I was struggling for all the years…searching for that one little bit of real advice not just a doctors who has studied about it!

I needed someone who had lived it!

My inbox is always open and I am always here for anyone who need be.

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches.


Feeling ready for the 2019 challenge?

Barely in the door still with my coat and boots on still, I had the urge to write another blog post before I finish my errands for the evening.

(I tend to do all my errands on a Friday evening after work) – sad I know but I feel like it completes the working week and I then haven’t got the weekend worrying about it.

Anyway the whole topic on this blog post is am I feeling ready for 2019? – it’s the urging question I keep repeating in my head over and over.

Will I achieve what I’ve set myself to tick off?

Things you set yourself to do can always be trial and error. It’s life you have to try things before you know you’re good at or enjoy doing it right?

Like swimming for instance, tried it at school and now it absolutely petrifies me! You will never catch me in the sea unless I’m touching the sandy base… I don’t like the unknown!

On a serious note, jokes aside I sat down yesterday evening opening my newly fresh 2019 diary and took a hard long think at what goals I wanted to set myself to do.

It was refreshing as I’ve never really taken my diary/journal seriously, I’ve always palmed it off and just put it in the draw where I’ll use it again for scrap paper! Anyone else?

This year was the year I promised myself I would write in that page for goal related reasons and not just doodling paper!

I started to think what my 2019 “goals” were questioning myself how can I better myself? Get towards my passion for styling? Be more creative in producing clothing? Get myself out there in blogging world? Learn more photography? They all cross my mind and they’re something I want to work towards!

The first thing has to be learn how to use my bloody camera…I am no photographer and I’m not trying to be! Just basic skills would be nice!

These photos above were taken on my new camera and they’ve made such a difference to my content, which I’m really loving compared to my usual iPhone pictures.

I just am desperate in a way to actually stick to something and see it out rather than let it all fall to crap..

I’ve always been a creative person expressing that daily, making things and trying out my sewing machine.

I started my own depop accessory business a year or two back, making my own earrings, chokers and all bits and pieces and after a few months I gave up…I have a tendency to give up at the first hurdle! But not this time!

Further to my planning I am deciding on another creative venture I can do to tick off my life, but that is for another post when I have something solid.

There just is no better feeling than seeing those things come to life and hopefully some of those bullet points will throughout the year.

But always one step at a time – you’re only human.

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches