7 top tips – how to stay sane in lockdown…

Well well well… fancy seeing you here?! For no other obvious reason than, you’re on lockdown & everyone in the UK is in the same boat!

I’m going to be sharing 7 top tips on how to stay sane in lockdown/quarantine/self isolation – I have created a YouTube video on this, so if you don’t fancy reading you can watch here – there is no other way of describing how every human is feeling when it comes to Coronavirus.

The dreaded word or the C bomb, as I like to call it.

Being told you have to stay indoors and your freedom just being taken away. It can be a shock to the system, but we have to keep going forward and put a plan in place!

Let’s get started!

Tip one: try a new hobby: this is the perfect time to get stuck into a new hobby. We are all guilty of saying in the past we want to, but never got round to it… there are many indoor/garden hobbies you can do here

Tip two: exercise/workout from home: another reason to try something new – personally I have never been to the gym or enjoyed working out prior. However when you’re staring at the walls thinking about what to do, I have discovered a real love for being active. When I say active I do mean very minor, but it’s something and it gets you going! There are so many simple workout routines here

Tip three: mindfulness: this is something I have been really interested in for some time and if you are unfamiliar with what mindfulness is, there is lots on it here – this is a great thing, to help change your perspective. Help maintain a positive mindset and change how you think.

Tip four: spring clean: another thing we are all guilty of, is saying we’re going to have a clean out. Life gets in the way and that’s just the way it goes! Although, now is the time to get stuck into re organising your belongings and freshening up your wardrobe and cleaning up the unnecessary items we all hoard… GUILTY

Tip five: baking/reading: I kept these two together, as they involve doing something. Not familiar with baking? Why not try something new, start with a simple recipe! Cakes? Pastry?

Not a book lover? Start with a smaller book, see if you can get on with reading? Escape from the outside work and get stuck into reading!

Tip six: keep in touch with loved ones: whether this be a FaceTime, zoom call or even picking up the good old house phone! Not everyone can be with their loved ones and for some people it can feel like they’re all alone. Boost both of yourselves up and fill each other with positive thoughts.

Tip seven: get creative/create new goals: kept the creative two together for our last top tip… get in touch with your creative side? Start small with a drawing or painting.

Is there something you want to do in particular when the lockdown is lifted? Write it down, start planning new goals or use this time to work towards a new goal, ready for when we have freedom back! This is the time to start manifesting and figure things out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 7 top tips and I hope they can come in useless for you, if not some of them can help. We have all got to stick together and create new routines that work for us.

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches




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