6 things to do when you’re having a panic attack.

If you’ve ever experienced a panic attack, then you’ll know it’s a awful feeling & all you want to do is escape…

After recently having a pretty bad couple of them in the last week, feeling like I was having a mini heart attack. I wanted to share my tips on what to do when you’re having one or even feel one coming on!

Tip one: breathing is key. Get your breathing stable, this helps to break through the attack. In through your nose & our your mouth, keep repeating as best as you can.

Tip two: check your surroundings. Look around you, what can you see, what can you hear & what can you smell – this focused your mind elsewhere.

Tip three: tap your pulse. Sounds cliche, but I had it drummed in from my counsellor from the beginning. Take your index & your middle finger & tap of the inside of the wrist.

Tip four: close your eyes. Shut your eyes & imagine you’re in a lovely hot country, find a distraction to help calm you down.

Tip five: try stay relaxed. This is harder said than done, but when you’re mid panic attack your body clenches up & it’s straining all the muscles. Try keep comfortable.

Tip six: drink water. Water helps ease our anxiety levels & dehydration can cause heart palpitations which happens during an attack. If you have no water around, wait until you’ve settled slightly & try get a glass of water & sip slowly.

I hope these tips have helped & if you ever feel or are having a panic attack, bear these in mind to help ride you through it!

You’ve got this & you’ve got to think this will pass!!!

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches


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