A long weekend in Rome.

What can I say other than, pasta & gelato heaven!

I had been dying to take a trip the Rome for some time… after visiting other locations in Italy, it was definitely one I knew I had to tick off the list!

This was a trip I went on with my childhood best friend & it was nice to actually have some company & change it up from going solo!

(Plus a photographer on hand & not my poor old tripod haha)

Day one:

3:45am wake up call & one broken plane, we made it there. Only 2 hours late, not to bad hey??

We headed to the hotel, chucked our bags down. Which was around a 20 minute train journey into the “centre” – which was really easy to get by. For a €1.50 ticket for the use of 100 minutes, it worked out cheaper than buying a 24 hour ticket – as we were only going one way, twice a day.

We then headed to the colosseum. What a beautiful place, just the vibe and the building! It’s definitely my trip highlight, besides the gelato.

Followed by a walk round to get our bearings, stopping next at the Trevi fountain, which was heaving and I wasn’t surprised it was… I threw my 10 cent in & made a wish (better come true haha)

Then a stroll to the Spanish steps, another beautiful place!

By this point we were pretty exhausted, from being up so early. We stopped by this pretty looking restaurant and I knew already, I needed lasagne. My all time favourite! I was disappointed and it honestly tasted microwaved… so let’s not talk about that again!

We had enough after dinner and headed back to the hotel just to chill, recharge and start again the next day.

Day two:

Reading to go we headed to the Vatican City first and of course it was busy being a tourist hotspot!

(This was taken in a hour que to get into St. Peter’s basilica)

My next point, in Rome you find ALOT of looky looky men trying to sell you tours, tickets, selfie sticks you name it… they’ll sell it! Personally, when it comes to tickets I would rather get it from the actual building. However when seeing the que to get into the Basilica, we did debate it.

We set a 15 minute rule, if we didn’t move in the que we’d buy from the men outside. We started moving and it took just under an hour to get in, which wasn’t bad in the sunshine!!!

I knew I really wanted to go up in the Dome, which you can see from the outside and €8 for the ticket wasn’t bad (it was €10 if you wanted to take the lift) Lydia and I was adamant that we could walk the average 500 steps up… oh how wrong we were. We struggled and definitely gave it a good go and had multiple pit stops, but we made it!

All worth it for that view! I did then realise how unfit I was, that I had to sit down immediately after I found a seat and whipped out my asthma pump. Oh the shame for a 23 year old…

Next up, we made our way back down and out the Vatican City, then headed to the castle. Another fabulous building and had a little photo shoot because you couldn’t not take some pics!

We were quite far from the hotel and was getting hungry, so we found a little restaurant and 10/10 for the food we ate… I was content and in a carb coma!

Day three:

We had a well deserved lay in and check out wasn’t until 12:00pm thank god… it was drizzling outside, which was disappointing. However we did have two days of sunshine, so you can not complain! We took it easy, wondered to the Pantheon & took yet another pit stop. My energy was gone and I was ready to just stuff my face with food tbh… not forgetting the downfall of rain that was now happening and one pope that jumped into our photo.

We took a wonder around the Roma streets and just soaked in all the Italian goodness and started to make our way back to the hotel. Firstly stopping to get some Gelato which did not disappoint.

Then sadly headed to the airport, which was all smooth and now I’m sitting on the plan writing this very post!

In total not bad at all for a £89 each holiday and I think January was the perfect time to go, not majorly busy and easy to get around on your own device!

Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches


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