I’m going to boss 2020.

Why am I going to boss 2020 you ask???

Because quite frankly 2020 is the year where I look at life in a different light…

New Year, new me & all that jazz.

I entered good old January 1st with a positive outset and a new look on myself, to reflect on me and me only.

Nobody’s going to support you, more than yourself.

It’s the year I’m entering, where I can finally stand up for myself and quite frankly not take anybody’s shit… because if you know me personally, you’ll know I’m the one who tries not to get involved in dilemmas. I’ve always been one where I’ve been too shy or just got awkward for confrontation! Always avoiding an argument, or not got involved in drama – no drama lamas here please! You don’t need to agree no more, you have your own voice.

I’m a sucker for being a people pleaser and even though sometimes that isn’t a bad thing, you have to be selfish sometimes – for your own benefit. I feel if you always people please, it sometimes holds you back from amazing moments in life?!

I’ve quite frankly had enough as well, so I’m changing how I go about things…

It’s like my blog & Instagram account for instance… I pushed that back for quite a few years because I felt I had to meet my audiences approval? How ridiculous does that sound… I was so afraid of how my peers would react and now looking back, I wish I had done it sooner!

If you have a passion for something, then why do you question how other people would take it? If you don’t try, you simply will never know!

As the saying goes – Everyman for them self!

I’ve got to that point where enough is enough, if I can’t stand up for myself now – when can I?

There are so many more reasons why I feel I’ll boss 2020:

•I can make my own decisions without doubting them.

•I can use my voice to do good & make myself be heard.

•I have stopped caring as much (still working on that one) what people think of me, everyone is different.

•I can do whatever the hell I want, because quite frankly I’m aloud to and I don’t have to get the approval from anyone.

•I don’t have to beat myself up no more about not agreeing with everyone.

I hope this particular blog post has been a interesting read for you guys and it was nice to put something together, that was a little different!

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches


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