I’m feeling lost…

I cannot help at the moment just feeling lost & empty…

I’ve come off my medication for my mental health independently & I just feel like there is this empty hole & I don’t know how to fill it.

Things are going in a positive direction I would say at the moment & I couldn’t be more happy to move forward in life, mentally.

I have always preached that I would be transparent when things don’t seem right & share my personal experiences with you all…

Life isn’t always peachy keen & the term bloggers live this glam lifestyle – is just not true. We all have normal life’s as much as the next person & everyone has their tough times!

I’ll hold my hands up & admit, I’m struggling mentally… I cried in my car for a good half hour, because that’s the only time I get alone to let the “real” me out & it’s draining… It’s safe to say I am hella good at putting on a brave face & being loud, smiley Shanice… which most the time I truly am that Shanice

I love having this space on the internet, where I can get everything I’m feeling off my shoulders & on an online journal, as I see it.

With everything in life, there are the positives and I have so many going for me at the moment:

• I’m in a job I absolutely adore

• My side hustle is getting busier & busier & I’ve turned a hobby into a business

• I’ve got travel plans organised & more solo trips happening

• I’m getting my emotions back, after becoming emotionally numb from my medication & I’ve never been so happier to be able to cry freely

• I’m about to host my second bloggers get together

• I’m working with some amazing brands over the festive period

So why am I feeling lost in myself?!

So why am I doubting myself constantly for feeling mentally drained?

So why am I struggling to do simply daily tasks?

It just doesn’t make sense & there seems to be more bad feeling than good & it just does not make sense to me.

Maybe this is the side effects of the withdrawals coming back around, after all I am only on week 3… & withdrawal from sertraline can last weeks & weeks unfortunately!

Has anyone else felt similar or lost in themselves?

It’s time to pick myself back up & go get at life!!!

Until next time,

Shanices Peaches


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