If I didn’t have my side hustle I would have had a breakdown by now…

Another truth story time with a Shanice.

As you know I am no stranger to struggling with general life being completely honest. I get overwhelmed easily and I’m over sensitive than the most of us.

I get stuck in these ruts and my anxiety & thoughts takes over on the best of days…

If you have come from my Instagram page, then you’ll know I have a side hustle hand making accessories called The Peachy Kind – which you can check out here !

WHICH I LOVE! – it’s something I’ve done as a hobby for as long as I can remember and nearly a year ago, I took the plunge and put myself out there to sell and customise for others! I couldn’t be more grateful for the turn out so far.

There is nothing more than I find satisfying than creating what I love, because that’s what life is about doing what you love.

Making the accessories is my down time as I like to think… I cut out from the world, get off my phone and get down to it. However I do too much of it admittedly but I want to make good impressions to potential customers as I’m a stat up business.

With life being one of those rollercoasters currently. I’ve parted ways with my boyfriend who had been in my life for over 8 years and living together & I saw us swanning off into the sunset, but who says that cannot still happen but for now we’ve parted and I’ve moved out on my own….

I’ve also recently started my new job role, which I absolutely adore and I can finally say I’m happy in what I do for my work. I put my time and soul into that because I enjoy what I’m doing, so that keeps me nice and busy.

I think if I didn’t have The Peachy Kind in my life to keep me constantly busy, I would have hit an all time low. Even when I stop for the evening or 10pm when I’ve finished a headband off, it hits me. All the emotions come flooding in and I just don’t want to face it and would anyone???

I know it’s wrong of me to say keep busy, because one day or another you need to let your emotions out! It is wrong to let them build up, but I guess I’m being ignorant to the fact I’m feeling anything and acting like I’m fine.

Its a bitter sweet feeling of do I sit and mope and feel sorry for myself, or do I get how and keep going! So far I’m choosing to keep going even though I know I’m over doing it and doing 12 hour days sometimes just to balance everything I’m juggling. This isn’t a pity party I’m looking for, I’m just sharing my experience on how I’m dealing with not having a breakdown.

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches



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