Why I recommend you go solo travelling at least once in your lifetime….

Where do I even begin on this subject….

FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM – is all I will say to you.

I have been slightly (badly) absent from writing new blog posts and like anybody else, life has just been hectic.

But I’m back with a new one, on why I recommend solo travel at least once in your lifetime!

1. Time saving – Realistically with life you cannot wait for everyone to be free on that certain weekend or you would be waiting forever! – go on your own terms, what works best for you. Simple!

2. Freedom – do whatever the hell you please. Create your own schedule or no schedule at all and wonder till your hearts content = no disagreements with where to go or what to see.

3. Independence – this one is an important one to me, as a year ago I would never of dreamed going anywhere in England alone, let alone Europe! = boosts of self esteem, prove to yourself you can face the big wide world solo.

4. New friends – stay in a hostel, as daunting as it sounds. It’s just a bed to catch some sleep for the night then you’re up early to explore. I have found staying in a hostel a great way to meet similar people with the same interests! also hostels sometimes organise group things, so this is another brilliant way to mingle and find new people to listen to about their life!

5. Go out of your comfort zone – obviously the idea of solo traveling isn’t for everyone and that’s totally normal. It’s like for instance I don’t like tea or coffee whereas other people love it! However you never know till you try! So don’t knock it until you try it.

6. Start simple – maybe the idea is freaking you out? It sure did me as soon as I booked my flights for my first trip… start in Europe it’s close enough to the UK and you have accessibility to different parts easily!

7. Just enjoy – of course when you go to another country it’s all about being safe, however enjoy the time seeing and learning about somebody else’s culture and way of life! It’s an eye opener for sure.

8. Capture the moment – breath and enjoy the view. Pictures can be hard whilst you are alone, but on this occasion a tripod is your new best friend and it saves the awkward conflict of having to ask a complete stranger to take your photo and it’ll probably end up being of your feet anyway… you know best what works!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this kind of blog, it’s been on my to do list since I got back from my last trip in Venice a month ago! Better late than never, hey!

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches


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