A little life check up….

It’s been 24 days exactly since I last created a blog post and admittedly I feel like I have been slacking… there is nothing more I enjoy than sitting down opening my website and getting stuck into creating something new, but its just been a case of things have got in the way or I haven’t had the time to do so!

So here I am!

A little life check up to tell you guys about what’s been happening in the world of Shanice’s Peaches!

I’ve been creating more content than ever…. Smashing it all out at a ‘shoot day’ to give myself more free time to relax on the weekends! I have loved creating and exploring more places to take my photos and working on my IGTV with explore with me or a BTS shoot day! I have found a real passion for video editing and so far I get so excited evetime I have something to edit.

I have become so Independent – which is amazing considering over a year ago I wouldn’t leave the house alone! I have found a new lease of life and I cannot get enough of it! I have my down days like any normal person, but I get out as much as I can! You can only rely on yourself that’s for damn sure!

I have been travelling a lot more frequently which I have LOVED EVERY MINUTE – I solo travelled for the first time which I have written all about in my previous blog post here

I have launched a YouTube channel! WOO! It’s been one of those things that’s been on my to do list for the last year or more. I kept putting it off because A. I was embarrassed to worldwide expose myself with my videos and B. Just finding the time to juggle between my Instagram, Facebook and blog pages! If you are a YouTuber yourself feel free to check out my channel and subscribe (add to my 9 subscribers) which I’m super grateful who have joined the journey! Link to my page here

My blogging babes have expanded and I couldn’t feel more grateful. It is one of the many perks about social media. The ultimate girlfriends/girl bands you never know you needed in your life! I have found some of my best friends who I have felt I have known all of my life.

I have recently worked with some amazing brands, which still makes me SCREAMMM – I feel super grateful and overwhelmed considering I am on the ‘micro influencer’ scale when brands want to collaborate with me and enjoy my feed. I still remember the day when Miss guided sent me an email asking to be part of their brand army and I literally screeched – I could not believe my eyes and for the first half hour I thought it was a scam LOL.  Blogging is definitely not revolved around receiving free things, (yes it is a bonus to work with someone you have always adored) but some people may assume it is! It is far from it and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love being on platforms where I can express my creative sense of style with a world of people with the same like minds! It’s helped my confidence and frankly I have a positive outlook at it as you can make a difference through the internet, what could be better?!

Last but not least….. Yesterday (25th May) I announced my brand I have created! THE PEACHY KIND – a handmade accessories label that I am planning to launch soon. I have always had a artsy background and always loved making new things from jewellery to clothing and on a minor level sold earrings I have made a couple years back so I thought why not do it gain seriously? Business cards the lot sounding like a right sales women haha! So keep your eyes peeled on the Instagram page here for all details on when I will be announcing the launch! I am so excited but nervous for what people will make of my handmade items!

I hope I haven’t bored you all too much and you enjoyed this style of post, but it really helped just to vent and see things of what’s gone on in my timeline recently! I feel like maybe some more events have happened but I certainly cannot remember it right now, I’m having major brain fog lol!

Until next time.

Shanice Peaches






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