So what more can I say than I solo travelled for this first time in my life! AHHHHH

*** screaming inside ***

It may not seem like a huge deal to some of you reading this, but I am still in shock that I managed to do it being honest!

From not being able to step outside my door on my own a year ago without having a panic attack or being to worried about what people thought, comparing to this day right here. Just wow this is something that I am proud of achieving and it’s something I’ve urged to do for years.

First stop: Budapest

Budapest will always have a place in my heart, previously visiting two years ago with a whole 9 girls including myself. To coming back solo it was an experience to say the least!

There was so many places that when unseen and I knew I had to go back and relive the culture, architecture and environment again.

In total I spent three days, booking for 5 but I will explain further down! So keep your eyes peeled.

I started off doing all the typical tourist stuff that you do when you visit a new country. Of course google is a massive help when you are wanting inspiration on what to do!

The list is endless of recommendations for the wondering Budapest:

•thermal baths

•ruin bars

•zoo cafe (you drink tea and have animals passed to you)

•museum of sweets and selfies

•chain bridge

•Budapest castle

•high note sky bar

I wanted to get as much done in the day as being solo, I didn’t fancy hanging out at night by myself. Just my preference on being a scaredy cat but better to be safe than sorry hey!

So everyday I was up and out by 10am latest and I had a rough idea in my phone notes on where to go and what I wanted to see. I was super excited to have my camera with me this time round, as I even recorded my first travel vlog. Which I am editing on the plane as we speak! Hopefully there will be more to come in the future!

Being honest – personally I found it was hard to give myself motivation to get back up after a snack stop, being alone you had no one to say “come on Shanice” yeah, that was hard some of the time.

Now onto the story which is like a match made in heaven (my new best friend)

Downside to being alone: trusting someone with your camera/phone to take your photo or finding a safe spot to do self timer! So I had arrived at the st. Stephens cathedral after climbing like 2000 steps and of course I wanted a photo for that workout!!! Got to get proof for the gram right?!

Scouting round who I could trust, I spotted a girl who was also alone and I approached! She spoke fabulous English which helped build that trust because you were able to relate to each other. Zara was her name and after that photo got taken we got chatting and she invited me along to join her to the next location as I was also going there! Not expecting to, we spent the rest of the day together and before you know it she invited me to go to Vienna with her the upcoming day.

ERM YES – what better timing? Was I being stupid for going with a stranger? Did I trust her?

Of course I trusted her, we had so much in common!

I definitely had a YOLO moment….I had the free time to go, so why not?

I always believe something happens for a reason and I believe this was mine to say GO FOR IT SHANICE!

So booking my €8 bus from Budapest to Vienna for the following day, I started to look at places to stay.

Hostels: ok so wanting to do this cheap as possible, because I was loosing money leaving Budapest two days early, I decided on a hostel. They cannot be that bad I thought to myself? Finding one right in the centre of Vienna for €40 was a bargain and I made even more friends on my arrival in my room!

I don’t know if I got lucky with my hostel, but from the one I stayed in it was everything I hoped for. It had a locker for your valuables, bedding, towels etc! I always assumed hostels were super scary places and your belongings would be stolen lol.

Yes, I was scared. However once I was there, I felt at home!

Everyone is in the same boat

Everyone has a story to tell

Everyone is welcoming, If you get to know them

Second stop: Vienna

I have always heard people say how gorgeous Vienna is, but it really was something incredible. Comparing it to the UK, it was clean fresh and friendly!

There is SO much to do, so many museums that Zara and I explored and all the cool buildings of course. We got the weather spot on and just chilled in a park at one point, admiring the life and feeling super lucky.

If you are looking to travel between Budapest and Vienna, definitely look at a bus option! It’s around €8, two/three hour coach journey and you get to sight see on the journey up!

My top recommendations for Vienna:

•museum of musik

•museum of illusions

•opera house

•st. Stephens cathedral

•botanical garden

•walk round the city centre

There is no time like the present right?! I spent my week off work bloody well if I say so myself!

I hope this has helped someone who is also wanting to solo travel and maybe not feeling confident. I can assure you, just go for it! I am more than glad I did it and I will continue to whenever I have the time off work!

I don’t have to rely on anyone, I do everything on my schedule, make new friends who I can tag along with and just be happy.

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches – the new confident version


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