There is no worse feeling than being stuck in a rut.

Not knowing where to take photos, how to style a certain item or just not having the motivation because you’re self doubting yourself?!

I seem to have these moments more and more at the moment and I’ve created myself a little bullet pointed list to go by to help me get my creative flow back and going!

There is nothing worse than having a certain vision in your head but you cannot seem to make it happen…however anything is possible.

1. Gather your resources e.g the outfit, the accessories, plan your hair or make up to go with the vibe you’re hoping for.

2. Look for inspiration – doing this helps your creative side come to life and you can start to envision how you want “that shot” to turn out like – I’ve found that searching on platforms such as Instagram in the places section…super helpful!

Say for instance you want a place in London but don’t know the specific area, search london and of course loads of options will appear! Maybe message that person asking where the exact location is (there’s no harm in that)

I save anything to my collections album I find helpful and inspiring – this way I can then return and it can help me build what I want to achieve when I’m going for a shoot day! I’ve left an example below!

I decided to visit Carnaby on my most recent shoot day, so I began looking for inspo so I knew what to look out for and could plan the outfits against each location!

I only discovered you could do this 6 months ago….very slow to the party I know!

Planning helped my pictures turn out just how I envisioned them too!

3. Work with what you have got – you cannot afford to travel to a dreamy area you hoped for? Not an issue…this happens to myself quite a lot!

Let’s face it nobody can afford a train ticket to London every weekend it’s just not do able.

Being from Essex there is some hidden gems, you just have to look a little harder. Apposed to London where everything seems to be within one street!

I shot last week in Colchester Essex, first time for me and it took a bit of wondering to get the kind of shot I wanted to fit my personal colourful style and i managed to make it happen!

4. Re use and recycle looks – there is no harm in re wearing something to feature on your feed again….style it different? Wear different shoes? Different accessories? You can make it different if you even the tiniest bit change it!

I am not made of money certainly and can not afford to buy new outfits every time I plan to take photos, so I pull out all those hidden pieces I forgot about and re work them!

Lets face it – that really cute dress you featured on your Instagram feed 6 months ago…has probably been forgotten about!

5. Most important of all – HAVE FUN

being a blogger for myself personally is that I can express my style and my love for creativity through a photo! You have that freedom to create whatever you have planned for a certain photo or even just the spur of the moment ones that actually turn out ace!

I hope this has helped if you’re stuck in a pickle currently or whenever!

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches



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