I HOSTED MY FIRST BLOGGERS EVENT – still feels surreal to be typing this down, but I did it YAY!

It had always been a vision in my head to get some lovely bloggers together and just have a brunch type of afternoon and chat all things necessary… I know how super hard it can be trying to meet up as a group, finding a suitable date and time and location…but it was always something I was thinking back to myself “no one would come, you’re only a small influencer, brands/restaurants won’t want to work with you” that’s what kept me put off hosting one. Doubt, doubt and more doubt.

But I’ve done it now! & I’m here to give my recap on it!

This plan came into action early February?! If I remember correctly and I knew I wanted to get stuck in straight away! So I did.

Finding the perfect venue wasn’t hard at all, as I had imagined what style I wanted and the lovely Chelsea Crêperie which you can check out right here – they were more than happy to let me use the lovely venue they had and the owner was the sweetest women ever, putting up with all my random emails asking this and that…I just wanted it to run smoothly!

Next: I found some amazing brands that were happy to collaborate in making the goody bags come to life! Which I was most excited about making for the bloggers who were attending! I was lucky enough to work with, Elle perfumes, Hask hair products, James Read tan, Whitworths, Dr Lipp and I added a home made touch of making my own earrings for the girls.

Finally: invite people – I couldn’t be the only one who was going to show up haha and Chelsea Crêperie kindly let me have a huge audience of 20 – it was a struggle to find 20 individuals who were available and in London on that date! But I knew I wanted it to be a full house, the more the better hey?!

The day came round within a blink and I was all prepared (shockingly) I dragged my suitcase with all the goody bags in (literally felt like 20kg & believe me I was not going on holiday).

I wanted to get a group of girls together, some who have never met or I personally had never met – mostly spoken to via social media! Eating crepes in a cool environment and all things blogging, sounds amazing right?

I was worried about people clashing, which is normal some people don’t vibe off each other and that’s totally fine, it’s just nature…however everyone got along so well and I’m hoping they now have some new gained friends for life!

Most importantly if you want to give something a go and out of your comfort zone, then DO IT!

You’re only human and you can only try, right?!

I hope you enjoyed this style of post & watch this space for my next event I host. (Hopefully soon)

If you’re interested in seeing more from this meet up, you can view it on my Instagram page on my highlight I created here

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches


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