My stay at Point A hotel – Shoreditch.

What’s the best place to stay over night in the UK?! London right…and in my favourite area which is Shoreditch!

Whenever I travel up to London from Essex in can become a pain when you have rail replacement nearly every weekend and have to go home at the right time to avoid rush hour! Not to mention you’re restricted on how late or early you can come and go as the trains are limited… Shoreditch seemed to be such a great location to stay in, nice and local to all the lovely wall arts I love creating content front of.

I really enjoy hotel stays as it gives you that time to go on a mini vacay unwind and re charge your batteries and of course explore what’s around you!

I love going round the UK sometimes rather than going abroad just because there is so much to see in my home town?!

What really added to the experience for me was Point A offers discount to Ballie Ballerson which is located a 6/7 minutes walk away. I’m sure you’ve heard of it as it’s all I see over Instagram and I get envy every time – but not this time because I managed to go this very weekend.

If you haven’t heard of it check it out here – (ballpit & cocktail venue) for someone who doesn’t drink it was super friendly as thinking about going did seem daunting at first going into a bar/club environment. As soon as I saw that ball pit I was in my element acting like the child I am deep down.

FYI HOLD ON TO YOUR PHONES AND ANYTHING VALUABLE! – we came across two people who had lost their phones in the ballpit, not ideal and nearly impossible to find in a sea filled with plastic balls.

Previously saying the whole travelling to and from Essex it also becomes hard if you want to have an evening out, so I was super excited to be able to go and not have to worry about getting home!

The room I stayed in was the perfect size, it had everything you needed from shampoo to little compartments in the wall to place those “looseable items” which for someone as clumsy as me it came in very handy and my jewellery went straight in there!

It also included mood lighting which I was yet again amazed by…want the room purple then want it green? Go ahead knock yourself out!


The staff were absolutely lovely and this above picture was taken by one of them – what an angel! I couldn’t miss an opportunity to get a photo in front of the fab decor!

Now let’s talk food of course… food is all I ever think about!

My stay included a breakfast which was super as I woke up ready for food and lots of it.

It was a buffet type service, choosing from fruit, cereals and pastries – which I love this type of style when going to a restaurant as if you have a dietary requirement or you’re picky like myself you’re in good hands and you don’t have to miss out.

So if you are planning to head to London I would honestly recommend the Point A hotels!

So if you’re on the hunt for a hotel to stay, you can go direct to the booking process here & if you sign up to be an A list participant you receive 10% off your stay!

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches


*stay was complimentary given to me, along with tickets to evening activity*

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