How to cope with working full time & blogging.

I feel like I wish I had this survival guide way back months ago when I was a stressed mess.

Giving it away in the title I wanted to create a blog post all about juggling a full time job and blogging!

It honestly feels like having a 24/7 job & I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Don’t get me wrong I love keeping super busy and thankfully with how things are going with my blogging journey it is over hectic at the moment and I cannot get enough of the creative energy it brings!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

But on all seriousness let’s get down to my top 10 survival tips because nobody wants to be over worked:

1. Get yourself a diary/planner – cannot stress this enough, it makes a world of difference getting your shit together.

2. Plan in advance, same as the above really but if you know you’ve got a campaign you need to shoot, plan ahead and be prepared not rushed off your feet last minute like a headless chicken when you’ve got the brand emailing you asking where the post is.

3. Set aside time to do the admin side of things – you don’t want to produce a sloppy looking email, make time in the evening or before work and proof read before sending! (I am guilty of spending my lunch break glued to my inbox filtering emails I must go back to).

4. Give yourself resting time – obvs you sleep during the night…but don’t spend all of your free evening erratically draining yourself. It’s not healthy and everyone needs time to re charge their batteries.

5. Bulk shoot – of course with working full time you ideally only have weekends free, which means at least one day of the two free days you get is possibly spent shooting. I personally will shoot every 2-3 weeks or whenever I’m out and about so I can give myself a free period if you like over two days and not have to think about shooting this and that every weekend!

6. Plan your content in advance – on apps such as UNUM. It’s a grid that shows you what your future feed will look like. It saves time and you can preview and change it around if you need too.

7. Create drafts. The glorious thing about Instagram and creating a blog post is drafts. It’s dragged, ready to go and it doesn’t have to be worried about until the time it’s being posted = more free time.

8. Don’t force things e.g if you’re not feeling that photo you took don’t beat yourself up about it…it’s life we cannot be pleased with everything! Pick yourself up and try again and again if you need to until you are happy! Don’t just settle for it because it’s the first and it’ll do.

9. Be true to yourself, blogging isn’t as glamorous as people assume and I’m sure you that are reading that can agree = honestly is the best policy.

10. Most importantly BE HAPPY!!!

I hope this has helped shed some handy light on your brains!

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches


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