Am I ready to come off my medication?

The dreaded blog post on the latest with my medication taking to make me sane….

Last month I did a 5 months on from taking medication for mental health which you can read all about here – so happy 6 month birthday if it’s anything to celebrate?

Quick recap in the last 6 months:

• I’ve become a better version of myself.

• I certainly went through the worse to get to become the best I could be.

• Do I regret it?

• The side affects that made me feel AWFUL

• My anxiety has gone from 100% (not leaving the house alone or even entering Tesco on my own without freaking) to miss independent watch out Shanice is on a mission.

• The downsides outweighing the good?

• The weaning process to get off them freaks me out!

• Have I missed out on the majority of my life feeling like this, when it could have been solved years ago?

How has it affected my relationships?

I could honestly go on and on with bullet points on the details I’ve dealt with over the period.

I’ve got to that half way point if you like where I’m like should I start to ween myself off these? I cannot rely on these for life? If I don’t do it soon, will I ever do it? Will I be 65 and still dependent on a tablet to keep me from having a break down?

I just don’t even know where to start…being honest I’ve been avoiding calling my doctors to book a review which was meant to be after 3 months! Ooopsssss

I don’t think I’m ready to hear the words: let’s try get you off these and become independent yourself.

It’s not a nice thing to hear and doesn’t exactly sound the same as when you say it to yourself in your head?!

I cannot stress enough for me personally on my journey of taking Sertraline – I have come out the other end a better individual. The confidence has been insane – the confidence has always been there since I was little but that dark depression and anxiety over powered it and that’s what I came across as to most people.

Nothing broke my heart more as well than hearing my nan the other day say to me “Shanice I cannot believe how much of a confident person you are now, in yourself and how you come across” – it’s not the nicest thing to hear and also the nicest?! It’s almost saying you’ve improved yourself as a person but is also a wake up call to the imperfections you had once before and will always have.

EVERYBODY HAS IMPERFECTIONS – let me scream that loud and clear.

We’re not all Barbie and Ken dolls and live in Malibu driving round in a convertible….

Harsh but true, everyone has underlying insecurities and this is why I want to get it out there that it’s OK to talk about these things!

I’m hoping the next post I write regarding this topic, is when I’m in the process of coming off Sertraline- but only time can tell hey?!

It’s my own goal I have set and I’m not saying it’s right for everybody as everyone works differently – it’s my personal preference!

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches

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