LFW 2019 roundup…

I attending my second LFW (London fashion week) – but I’ll keep it cool and trendy abbreviating it.

First of all I just LOVE the vibe, atmosphere and everything about LFW! Its like all the people you have dreamed about meeting, your fashion sisters all in one place?! It’s just refreshing for everyone to be on the same wave length and not competing against each other you know?

However I didn’t really experience it, but I’ve heard people are noticeably stepping their foot in when trying to be the “best” at fashion week…. it really isn’t a competition just saying!

It’s all about loving one another, supporting that person like yaaaasss queen you go!

It’s just like going into multiple shops and seeing multiple type of styles – that’s what LFW is like and I LOVE IT! All the different vibes are what I am about and I love the inspiration people bring to others.

Oh and of course it’s also meeting babes you speak to over your socials but never have had the chance to meet, which I super enjoyed doing so!

It’s hectic I’m not going to lie, running from one show to another even though you had a huge gap in between but you were dossing about… being my second fashion week I didn’t have that much to compare to. However I will say one thing, they over gave out tickets for sure to the point where my friends weren’t able to get into a particular show because it was that jammed back – which sucked!

I was lucky enough to be invited to certain shows this year and of course I took advantage of that as I adore watching a fashion show and all it’s uniqueness it has to fly down that catwalk.

You network with people you never knew about…I met so many lovely photographers who wanted to take street style photos of myself which felt amazing – like wow they actually want me and like how I look?

Below is a round up of some of the photos I’ve managed to get my hands on!

The particular photo above was featured in the fashion scouts street style round up article which I will link here – am I famous yet? Just kidding haha.

It’s rewarding and makes you feel good! Especially when you are living, breathing and all about FASHUNNNNN.

I for sure want to do the full week this coming September fashion week, as duties called and I had to cut it short and return to work!

Some advice for anyone as silly as me….

Rules to go by:

Bring comfortable shoes = heeled boots left my feet feeling broken and bringing a back up saved my life.

As the saying goes though….pain is beauty

My feet for sure felt like they had been for a night out in stilettos!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it!

** suit was gifted by public desire – you can shop it here **

** boots were gifted by public desire – you can shop them here **

** bag purchased from Topshop last year **

Shanices Peaches


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