A down day…

I feel like recently my blog posts are turning into everything relating to mental health but it’s an important subject and something to close to me at the moment!

I wanted to write this today, whilst sitting here having a “down day”. Probably the most awful I have felt in a couple months! I’ve been feeling quite over whelmed lately and followed by mini minor breakdowns and panicky stages I couldn’t managed to get myself out of bed this morning.

I feel so useless when I just cannot bring myself of out bed or feel that I cannot achieve anything in that day. Another day off work but I know it’s near breaking point so I need that day to re charged myself???

It’s a viscous circle really…of not wanting to over do it but not wanting to get yourself stuck into a rut again?!

I just cannot help some days feeling so overly emotional and mentally exhausted, that I psychically cannot do anything. I’m sitting in bed each night going over and over pointless shit that’s not even relevant leaving me with not enough sleep that my body is craving!

It’s hard especially when you want to please everyone, but at the end of the day you have to remember you are the number one priority!! YOU! There’s only one of you and you have to look after yourself by all means…

I know everyone is different but in my case I just get myself into a pickle when it gets to much that I just loose it and breakdown! – sad but it works I’ll run myself a bath when I know that’s on its way to just soak into the burning water and forget about the world for 30 minutes or so!

Life puts strain on you and when it does you need to nurture it and look after yourself.

I even started attempting some yoga and stretching just to release all that bad energy before I go to sleep, but it’s early days to say if it’s working!

I’ve had CBT: cognitive behavioural therapy

Same again… personally I didn’t see any improvement from it but some of the techniques I learnt from my sessions helps on days like this!

It’s be little things like just breathing exercises or creating a mind map of what’s going on in that brain – there are things out there to help situations like this but some days it does get the better of you.

Being honest even just talking to somebody else can make a world of difference, it takes you from that dark place and puts your mind elsewhere.

My boyfriend has been the biggest support I have needed ever since starting my medication and his educating himself on how to handle/cope – who you have around you can be a big impact! As much as I hate talking to people when I’m like this, I am thankful for it afterwards!

I used to blame it on so many other things like I feel sick or I have a migraine instead of just coming out and saying “I’m mentally exhausted”.

Another issue that I’ve come quite familiar with:

Brain fog:

I’ve spoken about this before and it’s something that happens more than i anticipated.


Just always remember you know your mind and body better than anyone.

Listen to it when it is screaming at you to change how you’re doing something or just give yourself a break!

I hope this has helped some people!

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches


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