Feeling ready for the 2019 challenge?

Barely in the door still with my coat and boots on still, I had the urge to write another blog post before I finish my errands for the evening.

(I tend to do all my errands on a Friday evening after work) – sad I know but I feel like it completes the working week and I then haven’t got the weekend worrying about it.

Anyway the whole topic on this blog post is am I feeling ready for 2019? – it’s the urging question I keep repeating in my head over and over.

Will I achieve what I’ve set myself to tick off?

Things you set yourself to do can always be trial and error. It’s life you have to try things before you know you’re good at or enjoy doing it right?

Like swimming for instance, tried it at school and now it absolutely petrifies me! You will never catch me in the sea unless I’m touching the sandy base… I don’t like the unknown!

On a serious note, jokes aside I sat down yesterday evening opening my newly fresh 2019 diary and took a hard long think at what goals I wanted to set myself to do.

It was refreshing as I’ve never really taken my diary/journal seriously, I’ve always palmed it off and just put it in the draw where I’ll use it again for scrap paper! Anyone else?

This year was the year I promised myself I would write in that page for goal related reasons and not just doodling paper!

I started to think what my 2019 “goals” were questioning myself how can I better myself? Get towards my passion for styling? Be more creative in producing clothing? Get myself out there in blogging world? Learn more photography? They all cross my mind and they’re something I want to work towards!

The first thing has to be learn how to use my bloody camera…I am no photographer and I’m not trying to be! Just basic skills would be nice!

These photos above were taken on my new camera and they’ve made such a difference to my content, which I’m really loving compared to my usual iPhone pictures.

I just am desperate in a way to actually stick to something and see it out rather than let it all fall to crap..

I’ve always been a creative person expressing that daily, making things and trying out my sewing machine.

I started my own depop accessory business a year or two back, making my own earrings, chokers and all bits and pieces and after a few months I gave up…I have a tendency to give up at the first hurdle! But not this time!

Further to my planning I am deciding on another creative venture I can do to tick off my life, but that is for another post when I have something solid.

There just is no better feeling than seeing those things come to life and hopefully some of those bullet points will throughout the year.

But always one step at a time – you’re only human.

Until next time.

Shanices Peaches


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