My goals for 2019…

First of all I feel bloody weird typing 2019 down… can we just go back to 2010 when all the pop songs were out?!

Every year that passes more and more new years resolutions get added to the list, it’s only natural and it’s a tradition people seem to do every year….

I am still in shock at how quickly this year has flew by – I say this every year! But seriously I still remember it being spring 2018, walking around in that fresh air not this bitter snow filled skies.

My goals for 2018:

1. Travel to more destinations: with that constant wanderlust feeling, I like to travel somewhere new at any given opportunity or funds lol. 2018 just proved how many countries have been unseen… following from trips to Barcelona, Berlin and Santorini to name a few that I have ticked off this year!

2. Take up a new hobby: yeah I know I probably say this every year, seriously I want to take up a new hobby and try something new to say I’ve tried that. You never know it could be my calling in life “joking slightly”.

3. Come off my medication: it’s early days still in my “recovery” but it isn’t the first time it’s crossed my mind to try wean myself off of! I want to become “Shanice” again without the medication you know?!

4. Be sensible with money: another you never listen Shanice – I am the worse shopaholic admittedly. I just cannot help myself! I want to only start buying the essentials and treat myself every so often when it’s saved up for and well deserved…not just because that chunky pair of boots looked cute on the shelf and needed to be bought that instance.

5. Pursue with my blogging: I try and put every single spare second I have into my blogging and thankfully it is slowly paying off which is really rewarding to see – to know people are enjoying my passion all about fashion and moi! Is it to adventurous to say I would love to hit 10K by the end of 2019? I’ve just hit 5K recently and I am over the moon…it’s a BIG milestone and a reminder to say I can achieve anything I want to?!

There’s my top 5 things I want to achieve in 2019 so you have a rough idea and it sort of puts into perspective what I want to happen!

I would love to hear what you guys have planned or would love to tick off your list?

Until next time.

Shanice’s Peaches

(If you have viewed this off my Instagram page you will have noticed my Instagram name has changed…that story is for another day)


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