Why I don’t drink alcohol anymore…

Pretty obvious title header but I bet it’s leaving you like “what” is she crazy?!

I ask myself this everyday…every hour if I need to double check…

It’s very much a touchy subject in some circumstances for sure as it’s all very new to my routine of being a young girl in my early 20’s!

*disclaimer* I’m not pregnant or haven’t changed religion in the past year…

I don’t drink alcohol anymore.

Why do you ask? So it’s time for another story time with Shanice!

Grab your snacks and your glasses!

Nearly coming up to a year ago, I believe my last drunken night was nye 2017…not long after that I started to develop this phobia of being drunk/hungover very weird I know but that’s when my mental health started to deteriorate and I guess that come along with it…

I believed alcohol was the devil

I avoided every social situation because I became scared to be the odd one out. It’s such a common thing now a days to go out and have a drink you know and I didn’t want to be seen as the boring one?

I guess my anxiety just whispers in my ear every time like “alcohol is the devil and you will die if you drink“.

I’m open now to say I don’t drink when someone asks if I want a vodka or whatever, but I shouldn’t have to explain myself? It’s a choice not compulsory.

I’ve also learnt to realise it is nothing to be embarrassed about? Like I don’t drink get over it haha…it’s a choice and like I said before it’s not compulsory! Don’t ever feel the odd one out for doing something you feel is right or matter of fact don’t feel peer pressured – stand your ground!

It’s just unheard of I suppose in my generation and it’s uncommon to see but hey I’m me!

It’s not to say I’ll never have a drink again, I just don’t feel the urge to anymore when I go out.

I’m fine with my mocktail lol.

I don’t feel like I’ve missed out or that I’m missing out now on the whole parting and getting drunk phase in life as when I turnt 18 and even before you would go drink with friends, go to parties and regret it the next day for drinking way too much!

Recently going to Santorini, I thought hey I’m holiday more relaxed maybe I’ll try an alcoholic drink…sipping a watermelon Bacardi breezer (wild I know) I knew I just didn’t feel it anymore…

I guess aswell if you’ve read my previous blog posts on taking medication that was a big factor to which my “phobia” played upon…you’re not meant to mix alcohol and me being a HUGELY over worrying girl I thought it would make me seriously ill as I was told by my doctor – whether that’s true one day we’ll probably find out and I’ll write another post saying don’t do it haha!

I’m a humongous over worrier and that’s my issue!

Hope you have enjoyed a different kind of blog post & maybe someone can relate with me and reassure that I’m not a complete weirdo?

Until next time.



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