What I love about the blogging industry & a year later.

I felt an overdue update was owed on why I love the blogging Industry and of course I’ve hit my one year mark.

Starting my blog properly back in November 2017 followed by me creating my own website *yay here we are* I felt I have come a long way and gained a hell of lot of confidence I probably needed it at the beginning – for example my first ever blog post which you can read here … it’s safe to say I’ve gotten more creative with my writing because I actually super enjoy it! *shock if you know me* it’s my guilty pleasure for sure!!!

What I have learnt over the past year is, some of the people you engage with online are the loveliest humans ever. Just from attending events, meeting up to shoot or chatting over message – absolute angels! Where have you been all my life…

It’s just so lovely to get out there and meet like your long lost twin!! Its fab! Don’t get me wrong arranging to meet people you’ve never actually met can be risky and sometimes they don’t show but that’s general life isn’t it!

I stalk them beforehand to know who I’m meeting, is that weird? Promise I’m not weird just over paranoid I’ll get stood up lol!

But it is always someone from a blogging group not just a randomer I have picked up off the street.

There is one thing for sure what I’ve learnt a year on is: I don’t care what other people think?

Be creative, express yourself and don’t take things to heart.

When you’re from a small area like me, people are going to make assumptions and gossip it’s totally normal…at first I was too shy and cared way too much but as time went on I asked myself, why didn’t I do this sooner?!

Life is all about expressing you as an individual and doing whatever the hell makes your soul happy and this is what fills mine with happiness.

*except when you have a meltdown because you have no content to upload* that’s another discussion for another day…

Don’t get me wrong I have the down day like any other blogger and I think some days, why is no one seeing my pics am I doing something wrong? What can I do better? It’s easy to compare yourself but always remember everyone has to start from somewhere right…

Although it is massively rewarding seeing when a picture has done good and you know people have enjoyed your content you created! On one picture recently in the outfit above considering I have just 4304 followers I had 5800 views which was magnificent!!! It’s things like that, that keep you going!

It can also be hard to get the motivation to be creative and take the pictures, for instance where I live there is only so many backgrounds you can stand in front of before it gets repetitive. I’m always finding ways to think outside the box and plan in advanced what I have been in-visioning at 11:30pm when I’m trying to sleep…I’m one for overthinking for sure!

I started off on my very first Instagram post being the below.

To scared to get my face in and worrying about what others would think. Let’s face it I don’t have the “normal” fashion sense and I just wanted to express that! Feel free to scroll down my page and see the endless improvements and preset changes but I think I’ve finally found where I’m happy!

But there is nothing like taking your suitcase up to London and having a shoot day, tiring but so worth it for the content! What better place to go.

Every street has a cute area to offer for the gram.

Also working 8-4 Monday-Friday there is no time to take pictures before or after and especially now it’s dark when I leave…so you spend one day on a weekend or for this instance two days taking a block of pictures ready for the following week! It’s tiring but I would not change it for the world, I just love expressing my creativity through my outfits and the locations.

So many more positives than negatives and it was the best decision I made starting one, it’s also helped massively with my mental health because I’m diverting it in a way to do what I feel passionate about?

It’s changed me for the better, for definite.

So without blabbing on any longer I hope you have enjoyed my little update and can see why I love blogging!

Until next time.




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