My collab with Caseapp.

What a perfect time to write a blog post whilst chilling on the sofa wrapped in my dressing gown…

Recently I was approached by the company Caseapp, who specialise in personal cases for your phone or laptop. Not forgetting also skins which I had never heard of before this!

I had the opportunity to design my own case and skin for my iPhone, which btw was so much fun!

I think sometimes with choosing a phone case they all seem to be the same and you just want it to look a specific way or be a certain colour, but doing this I had the freedom to go crazy!!!

Which was even better it was so simple to use, I’ll link the website below.

These are the steps:

1. Choose your image, I got mine from google! (If you want a personal photo, just pick one from your camera roll).

2. Upload and fit to the scale, it will notify you if the image quality is bad and whether to choose another image.

3. Simple as that, you preview and continue to delivery details.

Of course I had to involve fluffy unicorns on clouds…I’m a kid at heart & it reminds me of “it’s so fluffy”.

I have been offered my own personalised discount code to you all, at checkout enter: SHANICEBAKER20 easy as that!

The website link is also listed below, one click here you’re taken straight away!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a different post, it was nice to write something different!

Until next time angels.



*this was a collab with Caseapp and all opinions are my own*

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