Should shooting alone be embarrassing, or impossible?

I thought whilst sitting on a 4 hour flight I have some much needed me time to write some new content 30,000ft up in the clouds – I can never sleep on planes, despite being up since 2am.

Ps I’m off to Santorini for a bday get away & I cannot wait to write up about it on my return…

So the point of this particular blog post is all about going “shooting” by yourself and if it’s possible?!

Has anyone else had this struggle and been successful?!

It can be frustrating some times when you want to create a bunch of outfit pictures in one go or even just get that one cute pic, but you have no one to take the photos or better still a tripod…I’ve tried a tripod and the angle just doesn’t cut it for me.

Don’t know if it’s my lack of tech knowledge or I’m just useless at using self timer.

Last Sunday I had this testing me, as per I was walking round London with my holographic suitcase with stares from all over! A suitcase full of clothes and no one to take any photos…

I was due to meet up with a girl but commitments come up which is totally cool and I was more than happy to just wonder round and make a day of it!

Who doesn’t love all the hidden treasures in London?!

I had a list of places I wanted to visit, the type of shots I wanted in my head. I just needed to try create that, alone.

Off I trekked across Mayfair to the famous Elan cafe which I had been dying to visit, it was picture perfect and I had to take the opportunity because I never knew when I would be visiting again.

So ordering a cake not like that I actually wanted it…just so I could have a seat in the Rose covered interior. I then asked a waitress and she was more than happy, I guess she’s use to it!

To make it more awkward this was me asking her to take a photo after she literally created a bowl with her hands around my mouth to stop my cola exploding everywhere.


I must say asking a stranger for a photo doesn’t phase me anymore I’ve done it so many times now lol! There’s no harm in asking what’s the worse they’ll say?! No.

Of course it’s more risky if you want to shoot street style and outdoors…I haven’t attempted that yet! Indoor venues though been a success!

Unfortunately in life not everybody is made from candy floss and is nice….

I’ve always had it drilled into me since going to London alone from my nan “keep your phone in your bag” – good old nan!

I even visited the spectrum collections cafe in Carnaby street last month, again alone but using the whole “f*ck it” moto I was the only one in there and the waitress was the best ever!

She definitely knew the angels and knew what to take, I was so happy!!

How dreamy is this location though!!

The moral of this blog post is my personal experience on shooting by myself has been a success but also a pain and I would love to hear other people’s experiences!!

Until next time!




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