Why can’t I feel emotion?

Carrying on with yet another blog post all about my emotions…*yawn*

Tell me about it!

I know I know, but it’s a normal thing that happens in everyone’s lives and it’s something that I’ve realised recently since taking my medication.

I tell you now I probably cried near enough every day, not always sad but just because I was an overly emotional person.

*sees cute baby or puppy*

That is me^^^

But since being on my medication I’ve noticed how numb it’s made me feel? Don’t get me wrong it’s helped me massively in not panicky or having a mental break down every day.

It feels like there’s a wall inside my brain and it’s stopping any form of emotion coming through, no anger, no panic or no sadness.

It’s made me a hell of a lot hyper & happier!

Which is good because I do love to be the LOUD Shanice I am known for, with the over the top laugh!

The other day I felt so frustrated because I knew I was feeling down and I just needed that healthy cry but I just couldn’t, I laid on my sofa and a trickle cane out my eye but I just couldn’t help feeling I was forcing it instead of coming natural?

I just felt so hopeless that I thought I had found a solution for my mental health but in fact there was another layer I had discovered underneath…

Maybe other people taking sertraline may relate to what I’m talking about and it just doesn’t feel normal, simple as that.

It’s something I will question with my doctor for sure when I go for my review soon because there must be another option? A tablet can help me but I cannot let it make me feel numb 24/7? That’s not healthy.

I did a little google as I do with EVERYTHING and the term: emotional blunting came up on my screen and I thought what is that?

So I guess that explains how I’m feeling because that’s exactly what it’s feeling like currently!

Blocking out things may seem good at the time, but over time it’s just fake and it’s all a lie because it isn’t your true self?!

I know deep down and anybody who knows me personally knows I am an over the top person who loves to be loud and makes sure everybody in the room knows it.

I feel so desperate to find a solution because if I wanna cry over something ridiculous I should be able to right???

So in time I will keep an update and review if anything has changed or improved!

So until next time lovelies.



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