Attending the Gypsy Shrine event.

On Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to attend the gypsy shrine event with their collaboration with warner bros. For their pop up shop launch in Carnaby street, London.

For sure it did not disappoint, I walked into a glitter heaven!

Everything was what you would expect in a dream and it’s safe to say I want glitter decor in my home for sure!

With music flowing as you entered to loads of friendly faces. I got myself straight to the photo booth of course!

Meeting some lovely babes who were dressed like a magical dream…

Making my way upstairs I then took a seat at the make up artists booth and got glittered and gems everywhere inspired by Mera!

Of course I couldn’t turn it down even if I had work the next day…but I wasn’t worrying about that at the time!

Also at the event was a lovely lady that did cartoon illustrations and created me into a cartoon Mera, which I was in love with! Super cool!

I for sure felt like a hallo-queen!

I’m excited to return to the store and see its progress as all I can see is good things for Gypsy Shrine!

I feel super grateful attending such FAB events like these and I saver every moment for sure!

Until next time lovelies.



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