Conquering your fears.

Hello lovely people as promised, I am writing my weekly blog post from moi!

I’m on such a good roll with life at the moment and I’m achieving so much more than I’ve done in years…

If you read my recent blog post, which I believe was over a month ago on having agoraphobia which you can read here – you wouldn’t believe how much I have progressed as a person and how I feel internally!

Yes I’m on medication to HELP but that hasn’t stopped my from conquering my fears that hang over me daily.

So yesterday I drove on the motorway the M11 to be precise for the first time in forever and didn’t panic once, no sweaty palms and no being that slow annoying driver because you’re scared of huge lorries…seems silly I know but to me it was on my personal achievement list which you can read my related blog post here – I very sadly gave myself a pat on the back, to say F YOU anxiety I’ve done this!

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference and it makes you realise how capable you are as a person if you keep on picking yourself back up when something goes wrong!

It’s totally acceptable to appreciate yourself from time to time for what you have achieved, no matter how little or how big.

You are only human and it’s bloody normal to have hick ups and feel like the tiniest thing is the end of the world.

Try and try again I continue to tell myself and will say it to anybody who is doubting them self, conquer those niggly things picking at you!

I’ve continued to keep my diary and write entries in when I’m feeling anxious or my back is up… it helps it’s like talking to a person except it’s on paper and you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone!

Never let anyone tell you different, I use to listen to people who would tell me you can’t do this because you panic blah blah…look at me now I’m feeling unstoppable and I hope to continue that way for many years to come!

Until next time fab people,



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Finally learned how to hyperlink my instagram if you don’t already follow me! I’m so not tech savvy!

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