My first LFW experience.

I feel like I have been absent from writing on here lately it’s only been 13 days exactly (I try to post once a week) but I’ve been a very busy bee!

I went to my first ever LFW finally and what an amazing weekend I had with the loveliest people.

So a little low down on my weekend, I only went for one day down at London due to the traveling costs and leaving it last-minute like everything I do lol!

So Saturday came around and I travelled down on the train and met up with some blogger babes, I’ve met through Instagram! What babes they were, within five minutes of meeting we were already shooting pictures! My kind of people! Getting those angels and getting the right lighting, it was like I’ve known them for years.

We then hopped on the tube and headed to an influencer event called tbp social the blogger programme – which was full of other influencers and loads of fun things happening! Which you can see on my highlight section for events on Instagram here – it was my second influencer event I had attended and it was so warming to see how welcoming other influencers were. It was nice to put a name to a face if you get what I’m saying?

The vibe, the company and the food was all fabulous.

Who doesn’t love a photo both?

London was full of unique individuals with for sure a fashionable style! It was amazing to see and we even were approached to have our photo taken because of our outfits haha!

After the event had finished we had some time to kill so we went back to one of the girls hotels and had some roof top drinks at Toy London! Of course I had my mocktail.

Finally the event I had been waiting for the fashion international SS19 show – I was super excited as this was my first fashion show I would attend.

Arriving there I got sat front row, thanks to the lovely girl who knew the designer and got first look up close and personal! The man seating everyone assumed I knew the random girl but it had its perk because I got moved, result!

A short but sweet show – I made my way back home to Essex and of course my feet were throbbing from walking in heeled boots all day!

Beauty is pain!

So my overall experience was 100% brill, going out my comfort zone, meeting people I never had done before and not panicking ones (yay go me)

If you’re wondering why I’m saying that read my recent blog about mental health here – it was a big deal and I’ve come a long way. I’m thankful for feeling human again.

So until next time my lovelies!



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