A guide for shopaholics

I am no stranger to being that dreaded shopaholic. I indulge maybe slightly too much in a irrelevant shopping spree and I’m constantly thinking where the hell did all my money go? I’m now broke till payday!

I must buy something at least one a week that I probably don’t need, something completely random and certainly I cannot afford – so I’ve started to set myself a guide to follow that I’ll share with you guys!

I’m one for trying to save but when you have that cute top or bag on your mind 24/7 it can be difficult for sure.

Because you know that cute top or bag will really cute on you rather than sitting in a store without any love and attention. (Now I’m thinking about this cute white crochet top I want).

A guide for a shopaholic:

1. Think do you really need it?

2. Think can I afford this?

3. Think can I find a cheaper alternative to this?

4. Think will this be in the sale soon?

5. Think am I going to be broke after this and cannot buy food lol?

6. Think do I have this or something like this already?

7. Think will you love it once it’s been worn or used once?

8. Think will I need to hide this from my partner/parent. ( yes I have to hide things sometimes).

9. Think is my bank account going to handle this purchase? That near your limit text will be waiting for you.

10. Your brain has probably switched off by now and is heading straight to do some online shopping as we speak.

Some of the above are what I have started asking myself before purchasing an item, I’ve started to become more realistic with buying things. I want to be sensible and not be left broke every month because I’m buying things I’m only wearing once.

I am very guilty of having to hide things in the back of the wardrobe and when I go to wear it use the “oh this thing I’ve had it ages” when people ask, god I actually have an issue haha and need more wardrobe space!

For instance a couple of weeks ago I purchased some fishnet socks in loads of colours just because they were £1, did I need them? Absolutely not. Will I wear them? Probably not.

I think the most pointless item I’ve purchased for absolutely no reason has to be some hella expensive Topshop jeans – I hope everyone who knows Topshop jeans can relate to how expensive they can be! I think they cost me something ridiculous like £65? That’s a lot for a bargain hunter like me. At the time I was working at Topshop and sort of justified it with my discount, but now I look back I’m like – How many times have I worn them – total of once.

However that’s where depop/eBay and Mercari are your new best friends – sell on your items or search for that exact polka dot frilly dress you’ve been dreaming about for half the price!

I’ve spoke about how to grab a good bargain in one of my latest posts which you can also read here – I do love a bargain!

There is nothing wrong with browsing in your fave store or on that funky online shop at the comfort of your own home and for all us shopaholics it is a shopping manual to inspiration and temptation.

I’m not writing this to say OMG don’t go buy clothes or shoes or handbags, I’m just sharing my personal guide I follow as I do have a shopping addiction.

But it’s the heartbreak of ordering something, trying it on and sending it back because you just don’t need it. High five for the will power of trying to be a responsible, money saving adult. (Says the one with a pretty little thing parcel on my dressing table, I am sending it back Monday lol). Pretty little thing is definitely my weak spot, I will spend hours searching just to try purchase an item I really do not need.

Just remember think is this going to dent my bank account and can I wait and treat myself at the end of the month?

Save up for the item and go from there, it’s more rewarding and doesn’t become just a pointless buy!

So I hope this has slightly helped all you beloved shopaholics, we can get through this together!

Until next time.




  1. I totally agree with you. Women tend to buy some clothes that they have not even wore a single time just because it is so inexpensive. Shop for timeless piece will be my future shopping guideline. What a lovely beach outfit. I like it
    Please check out my site


  2. Loved reading this, I think personally I have reached a point where I don’t even need any more clothes – so I find it much easier to not buy things!! The questions you listed I will keep in mind – especially if the item could be in the sale soon (saving you lots of £££)



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