Stuck in a rut – am I doing the blogger thing right?

I feel like recently every blog post has been apologies for being so morbid and sad at the beginning…. but I’m being real nothing is a fairytale and this is how I continue to feel lol.

God the first paragraph said it all really haha, anyone reading this is now probably like ok what the hell is this? Bye

I just wanted to do a little life update really on the use of social media and the struggles of trying to be a successful, noticed blogger.

Don’t get me wrong I know everyone is different and works differently, but I have been using my instagram to create the best content I can even though I’m feeling bloody awful. Produce stories, hauls and my favourite pieces to keep people interested and give my personal fashion/styling advice! Is that wrong? Am I being to over the top?

I feel like being fairly new to this industry there is no instruction manual on how to become noticed or successful. You do really have to figure it for yourself, watch YouTube videos, experiment with what works well and yeah you see other inspirational bloggers which may inspire you but you do not want to copy them and take away their hard earned glory! I think that’s fair to say that because I would be pretty upset if somebody did that to me.

The bloggers who started out as their hobby doing this, who now do this full time work exceptionally hard for where they are now and you wouldn’t want to jeopardise that for my own sake.

I believe when you’re stuck in a rut it is best to find something you’re passionate about and get stuck into it. Yeah I get you’re not facing your problem but you are finding a way to cope around it? Am I right or wrong here?

Its about finding a hobby if you like and blogging is mine which I have become so consumed in! When my doctor said find a hobby this time last year I was like hobby?! Sports is not my thing, nor is anything else really I didn’t find that strong interest towards something. Then I blogging came along and I thought this is me and where I want to be!

And one day I hope to turn this hobby into my livelihood and say I did that.

It makes me happy, satisfied almost and yeah you have your crap days where you feel like you’re failing but that’s the whole point of picking yourself back up and not giving up!

I feel like if I miss a day without interaction to people who view my page which I am so grateful for, I’m not doing it right? What if they think oh she’s given up, when I really just want or need a break? Is that wrong?

So the moral of the story on today’s blog is to find out what is right or wrong to do?

Is there a right or wrong thing to do? Is it seen as wrong to portray yourself differently for the dream of being successful? But this hobby actually makes you happy….

I would love to know your thoughts on this, my inbox is always open!

Until next time.




Kindly gifted to me from LOTD!

This is now unfortunately sold out, but always check their website as they have amazing pieces for £5!

Bag: Topshop but also sold out!

Shoes: Primark £4!

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