Saying no to events you desperately want to go to.

I feel like I’m on a writing roll at the moment, so here I am with another blog post! I say it all the time how much I enjoy creating these blog posts as it is therapeutic but I just need to focus on doing them more often!

Which I will, I can half promise you that haha.

I wanted to do another real life situation post revolved around going out to events, meeting friends or even a trip to the shops. This is something that has been racking my brains for years and years and probably many to follow.

You’re all probably sitting there like I don’t understand, what’s there to relate to going out and what’s the issue here?

The issue my fellow reader is anxiety. God I really despise that word. It’s like that irrelevant mark you get on your eyelids when doing your mascara. It’s annoying and definitely unwanted. Except realistically it doesn’t feel like that unfortunately. Can only dream hey!

That issue stopping me wanting to desperately go to an event, meet friends to hang out with another human. It’s just like another voice in the back of your head like no you’re not going, where the hell do you think you’re going? Nu uh girlfriend I’ll make your life hell if you go.

It really does play on my mind most days, like why me or why do I have to have this? You rebel that irritating voice and most the time it is right. You get to the destination and it’s like oh sh*t get me home now I cannot cope here, my life is about to end. I’m sure people can relate even just getting somewhere and not having a good feeling about it!

I’m really a people person I love being social and getting out there, so much to see and so much to do!

It’s not something that’s just going to go over night and I’m certain 1000’s of others can relate to me? But it’s all about working with what you have got! Being signed off work with anxiety and other mental health related issues really opened my eyes to this cannot go on anymore, I need to face facts. I was so blind to think these issues would go away and then I realised they were only getting worse the older I got.

That is why I have set myself a personal achievement list, listing all the things I HOPE to achieve. I would add an image of my list but it is quite personal to me so I will list. A few below!

•find a technique to deal with panicky situations.

•push myself out my comfort zone at least once a week.

•learn to be like the old me who is loud and never shuts up.

•visit places alone I wouldn’t usually go to.

•make myself proud.

I hope you get the idea in what I am trying to achieve within myself!

I will do an update in the future to advise if doing any of these worked for me, as I would love to share my experience with all of youse and hopefully help another along the way! Then hopefully when I do an update I can go in a shop alone without freaking out!!

God I just scrolled up to see how much I have wrote, thank you if you are still here reading haha. I will leave it at here as I feel I have covered enough of the topic.

Always remember my inbox is open to anyone who may want any advise, a chat or even just for a rant!

Until next time lovelies.




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