General chit chat & comparing with others.

What’s better than sitting down and having a good old write to get everything on your mind out on the table, especially for someone like me who doesn’t always like to talk – shock! (Don’t act to surprised if you know me.)

So what is new with every body??? I would love to know! I am very much a people watcher/observer and I love to see what people are up to, without being nosey as hell! Just curious I promise.

That’s one thing for sure that always plays on my mind and that’s comparing to what others are doing. It’s taken me ages to accept that no matter how much you compare yourself others, it doesn’t change where your journey is at? Everybody is at their own level in life and doing what they do! Everybody works at their own suited pace and branches out to where that person is destined to be or whatever they may be focusing towards.

It’s unfortunately not like school where you would do what your best friend was doing, just so you could be with them. (Life would be easier though right?) You grow older, maturing in yourself and of course you do your own thing and try your best to find yourself in this universe of craziness.

You create the adult(ish) version of yourself.

It’s so easily done though, when you’re sitting in an office or just on the sofa relaxing for instance scrolling through social media and you see someone travelling the world, settled down or even doing something what seems more relatable to your hopes and dreams.

For sure social media is one of the biggest impacts to sometimes make you feel crappy and it’s ok to feel it sometimes? There is no harm in envying someone for what they’ve worked towards. Take it as a positive to wow I want that and I’m going to write myself a list of goals that I want to achieve for the day, week, month or year! See it as a benefit to exceed in yourself. Remember you are your number 1 fan.

But that’s what life is all about, working towards what you see the ultimate goal to be. Whether that be working towards the dream role, meeting the holy person, traveling to the unseen, trying to get your sh*t together or even getting a pet lol. Whatever’s on your bucket list, we all dream about it from time to time!

Everyone has different goals in life, some you can relate to and some you cannot. But that’s what makes everyone unique in their journey.

You always have to remember that the person you may be comparing yourself to started from the nitty gritty bottom most likely. It’s all about working towards what makes you happy, because in life happiness is everything to make a healthy soul.

Obviously of course your health plays a massive part on a healthy soul and I’m probably contradicting myself here because I’m not at the best place within myself currently. That’s why I’m here writing this because I hugely relate to the strain of pressures you may feel to get a certain somewhere just to get to a better scenario to what you’re situated in now.

Do it at your own pace and everything will fall into place is what you have to tell yourself.

Positive vibes is definitely a quote that is overused but it speaks a thousand words haha!

Just always remember that you do you at your own pace and you’re already half way there. No matter how frustrating it may be looking at someone else and seeing what you want, your time will come and that will be the best day I bet!

Unit next time lovelies,



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