How to grab a good bargain.

So I thought I would do a more cheery blog post and write about my favourite thing about shopping, the BARGAINS HUNTING!

I’m certain everyone reading this loves to hunt for a good bargain, getting more outfits/accessories for your money.

And I’m going to share my top tips to find a bargain.

First of all: sign up to those annoying emails from plt, boohoo or missguided, you never know what goodies they are going to send through to you! Helping a girl out for sure!

Discount codes – always ask your friends for a discount code, somebody you know will always have some form of code whether it be from UNiDAYS or a voucher. No harm in asking and saving you that extra 15% off!

Website checks – regularly check on your favourite site to see if anything’s being promoted or added by mistake to the sale, missguided recently had a website glitch and I got a whole order worth £200 for £30! Everything was £3!!! I repeat £3!!! To say I was sweating scrolling through adding everything possibly to my basket was a near enough way to describe it, but this dress below was my best purchase – this was meant to be like £50 at the time!

What’s better than getting X amount pieces = compared to 1 piece.

Thrift shopping – Im going to highly recommend charity shops/boot sales, I’m sure they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. A nice Sunday walk freshens you right out. I find the most unique things when I’m lucky and recently found this unreal diamanté buckle belt which I’m sure Topshop would have sold for £50 and I got it for £3!

Being resourceful with what you have – not everyone is going to have money to buy new items regularly (preaching over here) and finding what you have to make into something new and exciting is another way, using your initiative! I ordered some material ages ago and never ended up using it till an upcoming holiday, I thought why not try make something out of it (putting my sewing practice from two years of fashion at college) which I never actually listened to lol.

That’s the beauty of YouTube these days, don’t know something search it and you get results for pretty much anything! Believe me I used it in the process of creating these!

I did in-fact make a second as I did really enjoy it, however threading a machine up with long acrylics was NOT fun but I did it. After 100 meltdowns and tantrums. Then with the left over material I didn’t waste, I made into matching headbands for the full set!

They were far from perfect as they were my first and second attempt but it was rewarding knowing I had created something unique that no one else was going to have and saved myself money from buying a hella expensive one!

Second hand websites: e.g Depop/eBay/Mercari – if you’re not picky like me these platforms are great to get your hands on hidden gems. Whether you’re looking for something that is sold out or you’re just looking for a cheap frock for the weekend! Most people tend to sell things on after wearing it once or in spotless condition at half the price so win win really!

Primark – lastly I have to say Primark is always one of my go to when wanting a cheap piece to wear. I have to admit over the past couple of years they have definitely stepped they’re game up creating similar pieces in high street shops at half the cost. Although some may agree the prices are creeping up I see you Primark, I’m watching.

You also can never beat their jewellery, it may last like 2 seconds sometimes? But they for sure have some affordable fabness!

I always find some lovely pieces and people are shocked when I turn and say “it’s Primark”.

There’s just so many ways of getting a good bargain that I have listed above and I hope it has helped or even just refreshed your mind on stretching your money the furthest it can go!

Helping a friend out here, I know the struggle of being a shopaholic with minimal shopping funds!

I could sit here and type away for hours, I get so excited like a kid at Christmas fml.

Hope I’ve inspired some of you, till next time.



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