When facing difficult issues…

Firstly I do want to apologies for how morbid my blog posts have been lately, but realistically people go through shit phases in their life and here I am.

I just wanted to write this post to rant and maybe help others in a tricky situation, when facing any difficult issue it can always be a pain in the butt.

Whether it be a disagreement with a friend/family member, your mental health or a day to day issue that you have to face. Just always remain calm, no matter how much that person/or task may be irritating you don’t give in and stress yourself, easier said than done I know but find a compromise to ensure everyone is happy and safe. Also if you’re facing a challenging task, sit down plan and find the best solution for YOU!

You’ve got to think at the end of the day, what works well for you and your surroundings. You really only get one life and that opportunity to live it to the fullest.

I’m not going to sit here and write oh yeah you have to be friends with everyone, because that certainly isn’t the case. You know like, cut people out that aren’t beneficially for you, not progressing your movement in life. Find your ultimate goal with who you feel best fits in your lifestyle.

Not everyone in life will agree on everything, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You may fall out but if they were not progressing your movement do what’s best for your soul.

You do not have to please everybody

^Something I have learnt by lately, as much as you may wanna please everyone, not everyone can be happy with certain decisions.

The cliche saying “life’s to short”

You know I’ll get days when I feel like my anxiety is my worse enemy and I’ll completely feel blacked out and not even like my mind & body is there – yeah I feel shit but I try my hardest to find the way to get me motivated and solve my disagreement with it.

Following on from any mind and body situation, it can relate to a falling out with a family member/ close friend leaving you feeling rubbish, the similarities are there in how it can make you feel.

Anyway if I’m honest I’m the type of person that hates arguing and wants to be friends with everyone – hope somebody else can relate!

(I wanted to befriend the lady next to me in the nail salon last week, she was so sweet)

But honestly if a situation escalates, don’t rise back? I know this sounds harder reading this than taking action but is it really worth it when you will look back at it?

I’m really just trying to spread peace everywhere, I’m joking. I do try though, I love to see happiness.

I just like to rant and hopefully help people? Or even if it’s just for a read, I still appreciate it


Outfit details:

Jumpsuit – Miss guided but sold out 😦

Earrings – Primark

Belt – Topshop but also sold out, Primark do similar!

Until next time…



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