Thinking of creative blog content…

Being new to the whole writing blog posts on a regular basis (I am trying to be consistent) it can become difficult thinking what to write about. Whether it be fashion related, or just a general chit chat. At the time my mind goes blank AHHH! I have realised since starting this I actually enjoy typing up about what’s on my mind or creating something new to do with styling, in a way for me its therapeutic (which is surprising because I despised English in school and couldn’t think of anything worse at the time creating essays and writing reports. But whether no one reads my posts or a dozen do (I mean I hope others read my endless rants) it helps me rewind after a day of stress which is usually the case for me.

Stressy Shanice over here as always!

Finding something to help get the mind flowing with ideas is always a struggle when you want to be consistent and not lose engagement. I’ll have an idea pop into my head during the day think about it for hours, then as soon as I get home and open my laptop FML the idea is no where to be remembered…. annoying right?

I have been thinking of ways recently to help me gather ideas or even store them whilst I’m out and about, I have found taking pictures of things that inspire me help massively. I’ll flick through phone at the end of the day and the ideas will come flooding back to me, result! This benefits my brainstorming when I want to write about fashion/styling and it’s all there in front of me.

I have also found useful taking notes down on my phone or even carrying a journal with me to jot down on when I’m having a creative flow. That’s the handy thing with phones these days, one snap and its saved. That’s the bitter sweet thing about them, they seem to have all your needs in one device which is perfect but they can also be your worse enemy when the tiniest drop happens. There goes another £200 to get it fixed, ouch. I swear when those type of things happen, devices just assume you’re launching it down a 100th floor building or something drastic like that.

okay, enough ranting I will go on forever. When something angers me inside, I will go on for ages!

I would love to hear if anybody else reading this has the same issue and has any tips, that would be fabbbbbb!

It wouldn’t be a blog post without a pic of my outfit, just dropping this super cute jumpsuit here, unfortunately it’s sold out but I’ve linked similar!

ASOS – buy similar here

Until next time lovelies,



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