Summer chills and inspirational places to visit…

So our sunshine is finally here in England and hopefully it’s here to stay, well for a couple of weeks at a push…

And in England we take what we can when it comes to the sunshine so I embrace every moment!

Can anyone else agree on how much Summer clothing is better than Winter? What’s better than chucking on a floaty dress and some chunky sandals?

Sunglasses regardless of the weather forecast, of course…

Feeling crap – sunglasses, hungover – sunglasses, bags under your eyes – sunglasses…yeah I’m sure you get my drift by now.

For me living in a smallish town it is a struggle to find cute and quirky places to visit to enjoy the rays or even just for a chilled day out unless you want to travel. Which at times is impossible when your bills have got to come first. (Look at me talking like a responsible adult) lol definitely not an adult just yet!

You search google for any cool places to spend the day and everything of course comes back as London this and London that. Don’t get me wrong I adore London and would love to live there, it’s the ultimate dream and I hope to be writing on my page in a couple years time saying I did it!

I found this place ^ just 5 minutes down the road from me in Great Leigh’s and it had a chilled vibe to it and also served the best homemade strawberry lemonade, which makes up from having a cocktail… which I’ll talk about another time!

But if anyone has any recommendations of places to go within Essex, I would love to hear about it! Or if you’re from Essex reading this and are doing a blog also or not, send me a message I would love to hear your thoughts and meet up for a coffee!

Top – River island shop here

Trousers – Topshop shop here

Earrings – New look shop here

Keep smiling and until next time.

Shanice xox

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