Self love, taking care of yourself and positive vibes only

I’ve taken a well needed break from writing blog posts and that’s all to do with healing of the mind….

Social media can be highly addictive and especially when you are trying to create good content and create a half decent blog page – but lately it has been overwhelming for me and I haven’t been at my best state of mind.

I have taken a step back to focus on my wellbeing and doing what’s best for me. It’s so important to look after yourself and not get so consumed in social media and block out how you are feeling!

For me personally it is about finding the self love that you want others to see, not just creating content that is portraying how you supposedly look and feel.

It’s okay to feel like shit and overwhelmed, I’m one of those people that are easily disheartened and it really sticks in my mind. Then overtime it builds up and yep you guessed it I explode with emotions, putting me in the trap I feel I cannot get out of.

But it’s all about the process of learning how to love yourself and face up to things that might seem so little at the beginning.

Always keep positive. There will forever be negative people you come across in life and if they are leave them to it… you don’t need negativity and they clearly don’t need you if they’re going to be negative towards you! No brainer really lol.

You work on yourself and your glow up!

Been wearing this cute crop to prove a point, be kind, best positive and love yourself!

Do it for yourself, nobody else.

If you haven’t noticed in my previous posts, I do love to rant and that’s okay because it makes me feel like I’m getting a substantial amount of my shoulders!

I hope for sure I can relate to others who may be reading this or even if it’s just a post I can go back to when I’m feeling off colour!

Ps how cute are these earrings from Realm design on instagram – check them out!

Till next time, which hopefully will be soon!

Shanice xox

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