Mental health awareness week

So I have been long overdue to create a new blog post…. but I have been taking time out recently from writing for the exact reason for this particular post.

This week marks mental health awareness (14-20th May) for those that don’t know and it is something that is a sensitive topic of mine and I believe many others worldwide.

Mental health is something that has become more spoken about recently and is thankfully being more educated, but still isn’t breaking the stigma unfortunately.

One day we will get there, I hope for!

It isn’t something you can just wake up and it be gone as some people may assume!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to look after your mental well being, despite how difficult it may be.

You learn how to conquer the being in your brain and in good time it will treat you well back – vice versa.

I’m sitting here writing this which is easier said then done and I know how challenging it is to open up and say how you feel. You’ll be surprised how many people can inspire you to see the good when you’re feeling the worse.

Even a simple challenge of going to the shop by myself can make me feel like the world is going to end and I become an anxious mess before I have even stepped out my door but it can be made feel all worth it by the interaction of another kind being.

This is why I’m writing this post today to inspire others it is okay to speak, text, email or even write a letter to get your voice heard on your mental well being!

It took me years to accept the fact I couldn’t just push it to the other side of my mind and it would go away…because it wouldn’t without the correct understanding of how to accept what was going on!

It’s cool to be kind – quoting this from a top I bought recently and I will wear that just to remind people!

Words can really have a moving impact on others.

You never know if another individual is suffering with any mental health, whether it being anxiety, depression, stress or anything else related to the mind.

If it was visible right in front of you, you would act upon it am I right?

There are so many resources out there which is the beauty of the day and age we are in! (thank god)

Just even questioning yourself am I coping when you’re feeling stressed and under the weather? It is the start to tackling what could be in the near future.

Take note that your mental health is just as important as your psychical – you do not have to suffer in silence.

I really hope this particular post has helped or even educated slightly to whoever may be reading….

My email/messenger/wherever you can find me on is always open for a chat.

Smile to yourself and you’re a step from the beginning line 🙂

Shanice xox

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