Despite the blogging

Being fairly new to the whole running my own blog page I am still finding my feet on what to write about each week and what feels comfortable for me. So I’m going to start writing about more personal matters as it’s something I feel strongly about besides fashion of course…. (trying to make a joke that is not funny what so ever, typical Shanice).

Choosing to go into the blogging environment was overwhelming and for sure it still is everyday.

You always have in the back of your mind: should I bother? Are others judging me? Am I doing good enough?

But it was huge stepping stone into doing what I’m passionate about.

Feeling suffocated with anxiety it’s not pretty and you get that doubting thought in the back of your head most days but it’s life it cannot be changed but it can be improved.

I have my bad day/week/month like any other human being and it’s seeing the achievement that gives you that belief to say I am capable of anything.

If I didn’t chuck myself in at the deep end when would have I?

You come to the realisation that life is way to short that you do any opportunity you feel suits you, don’t let self doubt take over your sanity and let it choose your path – you are in control of choosing that yourself.

I feel like I’ve had my epiphany (if that’s the correct term lol)

Certainly listen to yourself, your body knows you best and that’s the amazing thing about the human body! Your own best friend/navigator/support system all in one – without sounding completely mad.

Everyone reading this is probably thinking is this girl okay? I promise I am, I’m just preaching what I wished i believed in years ago!

It’s all about positivity and your mind set! You may not see it when thinking of something new let alone it crossing your mind and believe me I’ve had my fair shares of thinking fuck this but it’s all about pushing you self out your comfort zone!

Remember always you are the key piece to how you want your life to pan out.

Shanice xox

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