My first blogging event and personal situations I had to overcome….

So at the weekend I went to my first ever blogging event in London and I have to say it was definitely eye opening!

It opened so many new paths in my mind on how to go about things and make me a better me in the blogging world!

Spending the afternoon speaking to other bloggers and having them speak about their personal experiences and tips they’ve learnt from.

However one thing did make my time there cut short, my anxiety.

Oh the over used glorified word that you may hear from day to day.

Anxiety is something that I suffer with severely and pushing myself out my comfort zone is sometimes the way I have to do things so I don’t miss out on opportunities, or in this case even give it a try!

It’s not relatable to them quotes/tweets you see that people chuck about like it’s a fashionable world.

It’s something that’s real and happens in people’s every day lives.

To cut a long story short, I woke up that day feeling on edge anyway but I knew I had to do it for me, to say I’ve done that all by myself.

I travelled up to London alone and arrived at this blogging event which was intimidating as hell with everyone else with a friend or family member. Walking around just biting my tongue and repeating in my head “you got this” but I let it get the better of me and lasted two hours instead of five!

But I still put myself out my comfort zone right?

But anyway life is always about pushing yourself out your limits and accepting challenges that may be daunting.

Good or bad outcome you always have the experience to say I did that or I achieved that!

So if there’s any type of event near you I would highly recommend going, it can change your perception and networking is key to meet new faces!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post on something different than I usually write about!

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Shanice xox

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