Pyjamas as outerwear?

Pyjamas are a safety net sent from heaven that you wait all day for and can make that sigh of relief once they’re on….  like a dressing gown, got any issues just put your dressing gown on, am I right?

Browsing in shops which I do at any given chance, I came across this top and you know when you double take and think hmm cute but not so cute! I went back and thought ooo okay that’s me, so without a second thought took it to the check out and bought my new buy home.


It then clicked to me that it looked similar to a pj shirt, quickly searching on the new look website I saw my new top in that category. I thought to myself well its way to pretty to just be sleeping in, so it gave me the inspiration to put together this outfit! If something looks good regardless if its pyjamas and you feel comfortable go for it and wear it out!!!

If you love this top as much as I do, you can buy it here (now in the sale) – click here


Styling the new purchase with my pvc skirt, you can buy similar – click here

Overall I think this post has concluded you can get away with wearing pyjamas as outerwear and i will continue to do so!

FullSizeRender x

Other outfit details:

Earrings – Freedom jewellery @ Topshop similar here – click here

Shoes: Topshop buy similar here – click here

Bag: Primark buy similar here – click here

Shanice xox

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